Monday, November 22, 2010

A little about my three horses I will refer to often...

Okay. Lets start with my first horse I had ever gotten. Fargo. He is about 15hands tall, 500 pounds over weight, and a Bay, Tennessee Walking Horse. I have had him for 6 years now. He taught me everything I know and is about to share with you later on. He is sorta my experiment horse. He is very forgiving and will except me making mastakes on him. Together we have learned to Rope, Barrel Race, Pole Bend (pretty much all the games), Western Showmanship, Western Horsemanship, Trail Class, we are working on Reining, with our spins and sliding stops, he can pull carts and drive, and I even started to teach him to bow (we are working on it). He is pretty much an all around, good loving horse, that has taught me a heck of a lot of patients. This is Fargo----------------------->

<----- This pretty little mare is Dee-de. Her full name is Z Me Im Dee Barpresed, but we figured Dee-de was a little bit shorter. She is almost 16 hands tall (and I called her little ha) and is a Sorrel, American Paint Horse. She has beautiful bloodlines that can date back to champion Western Showmanship and Pleasure horses, but with her I am going to break that pattern and start a new skill that hopefully her future babies will take too. With her well built body and long legs, Im hoping she will take to Barrel Racing. Shes already shown a lot of promise just by watching her in the pasture. We had originally purchased her for my mom as a nice quite horse for her to trail ride on but that didnt go so well. It turns out shes nothing like the previous owner had said, but thats always a chance you have when you dont try out the horse first. So I bought her from mom and now she is my problem to deal with. I am really excited to start working with her. She will be the main horse for start to finish training tips that I will be posting.

So now this nut is winser. So far he has proven to be nuthing but a hotheaded, money devouring, lawn ornament, but we love him anyhow. He is originaly my sisters horse but she is never around to take care of him and ride. He is a little shorter than fargo, about 1000 pounds over weight (see what I mean), and is a Pinto. I have no idea what he is but a mixed breed but he shows signs of having some draft in him. In all the time we have had him, I have only spent about one hour upon his back the whole time. Hes very quick on the feet, flighty and shy, and he loves to jump. If my sister would let me I would turn him into either a show jumper or a reiner. ------------------------>

Well, these are the three horses that you will hear most often. I hope you enjoyed reading about them.

My First Blog!

Okay. Just a shot out to everyone that is listening. HELLO!!! This is my first time ever posting something on a blog. A little about me: Horses are my passion. I own three myself and I am constinatly learning new things about them every single day. So I thought I would share my personal experiences and tips on these beautiful creatures. So if you love horses as much as I do and would like tips and information, check back with me all the time. I am usually on the computer quite a bit (unless Im either in school or out with my horse). Thanks for looking! :)